Apollo Disc-Glow is the package to make your party stand out from the rest with our impressive display of LED laser beams cutting through high intensity Ultra Violet Cannons on a backdrop of a soft purple mist.

Advancement in technology now allows us to use LED Ultra Violet Blacklight as a wash across the dancefloor which fuses nicely with our poweful Haze effects creating a puple mist throughout the room.

To add intensity to this already stunning set up we provide Ultra Violet cannons to really make your guests glow on the dancefloor. The enhancement of our High Tech LED Lazer Lighting adds that finishing touch as the beams cut through the purple haze creating fascinating light shows filling the dance floor.

Of course our package would not have that club feel without Lazer lighting and a great sound system so...... We also include Club Standard Speakers and High Powered Amplifiers to really get that bass pumping without losing the crisp quality sound.

That's not all ... also included in the price are glow items for you and your guests which are a mixture of: bracelets, necklaces, bunny ears, glasses, and whatever else you can make from them.

This package is guaranteed to get everyone involved and will create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all, no matter what the occasion or age of the guests, your never to old to have fun!